Tuesday, October 13, 2020

20 First Dates: Study, Sundown, Knox Plaza


Study, Sundown, Knox Plaza

Study, Sundown, Knox Plaza

6 x 12 inch oil on panel

A recent twilight sky over a shopping center near our home in Knoxville, Tennessee inspired me with its vivid color. The opportunity to swim in unabashed color like this is just too much fun for me to pass up. I firmly believe that with the right light and the right timing, anything has the potential to make a wonderful painting subject. Even a strip mall.

This painting includes Study in the title because I'll probably delve into this motif again as a larger piece in the future. These initial studies are a practice run for me, where I can try on an idea and just play around without fretting about the pressure of a big commitment of time and materials. As a result, I often derive great satisfaction from these small compositions because they feel more free and loose to me. 


Framed view of Sundown, Knox Plaza

 Framed view of Study, Sundown, Knox Plaza