Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Something Different

Lady Slipper Painting, in progress

Above: Pink Lady Slipper 12 x 18 original oil on canvas in progress on my studio easel

Occasionally, I like to take on projects that are different from the artwork that I usually create. Right now, I'm working on a commissioned piece for a client that features a Pink Ladyslipper flower. I decided to do this work in oil, and I'm having a lot of fun channeling my inner Georgia O'Keefe. This is a sneak preview of the work in progress on my easel as well as a glimpse of my palette as I work. I love immersing myself in the colors of this medium!

Palette with Paint

Above: My Palette I'm really enjoying the challenge of mixing and applying colors in oil. I think I've found a new lifelong endeavor...