Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Patient Patient. Sort of.

Marlon my beautiful and beloved studio mascot, 2014-2020.

Well, the new year of 2020 is off to a "mixed-ish" start, to use a trendy term. My husband and I unexpectedly lost our beloved dog, Marlon, in early January. He was only 6.5 years old, far too young, but he had heart cancer, a nasty, silent killer that didn't reveal itself until the day we had to say goodbye to him.

About a week and half later, I had hip surgery. It was planned and elective following some issues last year. But then my designated driver and husband got into a minor car accident with our brand new car. Luckily, he was not seriously injured.

Blech-hh, to quote Charlie Brown.

So, I'm looking forward to February. February will be a much-needed reboot on this new year. I'm still rehabbing from hip surgery and it's going well, but too slowly for my taste. I'm excited about my art show schedule as it shapes up with favorite events that I've done in the past together with brand new events. But I'm not well enough to paint yet, so the hardest thing right now is to just be patient. I'm not a very patient patient, but I'm trying.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for new paintings. I've been sketching and working out new ideas that I'll tackle, just as soon as I'm off of my crutches. Uff-dah.