Saturday, October 10, 2020

20 First Dates: Lyric


Lyric, original oil on canvas

Lyric, 12 x 24 inch oil on canvas

I love to explore the pops of color from man-made lights and reflections against the backdrop of a rainy day in the city. I caught this moment along 31st Street in Manhattan, and I was drawn to the patterns of color and texture as framed by the city buildings.

When it comes to my cityscape compositions, for many years I've been fascinated by the down-the-street perspective because it affords a great way to narrow down all of the sensory overload in a place like New York City and just allow me to focus in on one key moment. In Lyric, the pedestrian with the red umbrella, surrounded by other touches of red lights and reflections, captivated me. 


Detail of Lyric
 Detail of Lyric

I like to use the texture of the canvas to add shimmering hints of other colors around the details. 

Framed view of Lyric