Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recent Landscapes

It's summer and I've been painting out in the field in between our torrential downpours this season, but because I haven't been out as much as I would like, I've focused on some landscape subjects inspired by other seasons. These two new additions celebrate seasons that I would almost prefer over summer were it not for the fact that summertime is the best time for veggie gardening.
Winter Passenger

Winter Passenger 16 x 24 original pastel

Nonetheless, here are two brand new pieces, fresh off the easel. The first is Winter Passenger, a work inspired by a rural road here in Centre County. This is a location that I discovered through my bike riding, and during a particularly beautiful stretch of winter this past season, I thought it may be a worthwhile location to check out. I was richly rewarded by this gorgeous sunset.
Autumn Dance

Autumn Dance 16 x 20 original pastel

The second piece is Autumn Dance, a landscape from the interior woodlands of Poe Valley State Park. I liked this subject because of the movement of fall color throughout the composition. Enjoy!